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9:52am 02-09-2018
Dear Ciarán,

Happy Birthday to YOU! I wish you excellent health, even more success and happiness for many, many years to come!

With much warmth and infinite gratitude for your brilliant work,

P.S. I saw you in “Girl from the North Country” on the 24th of January and hope to see you in “Translations” this summer. I am coming all the way down from the North West of England, but your extraordinary talent is well worth it. You are an absolute JOY in my life and in many other people’s lives too!.. Thank you so much!
8:02am 02-09-2018
Dear Ciarán,

may this very special day be filled with love and happiness. Wishing you many more years in good health with your loved ones, and many more successes to delight the sincere admirers of your work.
Good luck
5:56am 02-09-2018
Birthdays are occasions when we can let others know they've made a difference to us. You have. Happy Birthday and thank you.
3:41am 02-09-2018
Dear Ciarán!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Health, success and good luck with your upcoming projects.

2:12am 02-09-2018
Just keep shining. Many happy returns of the day from The Netherlands.
2:03am 02-09-2018
Kathleen Flannery
Happy Birthday dearest Ciarán! All the shamrocks plus all the hearts plus hugs and smoochies to you, you wonderful green-eyed handsome man! God bless you with happiness and great health today and all the rest of years. Kathleen in Dublin, Ohio, USA xoxoxox
1:22am 02-09-2018
Lonneke van Berkel
Happy Birthday Ciarán! May the coming year bring you good health, happiness, friendships, and great roles to play on stage and screen. Best wishes from one of your Dutch fans. Lonneke
3:12pm 02-08-2018
Jessica Maufort
Happy birthday, Mr Hinds! I wish you good health and happiness! I also hope this new year will be rich in exciting and fun projects on the stage and in front of the camera. Especially because, sadly, I doubt I’ll make it for The Girl from the North Country. Your Celtic cousins, the bons vivants Belgae, raise their glass to you, imposter Caesar, who are a delight for the eyes and ears as always! With warm regards, Jessica (from Brussels).
9:25am 02-07-2018
Lorri Sills
Ever grateful for the psychic balm you create with your immersive performances. Happy Birthday 2018 Lorri S
7:16pm 02-06-2018
Elaine Lopes
Happy Birthday, Mr. Hinds! I wish you much happiness and that you continue to charm us with your talent! You are a magnificent actor and be your fan is something very special to me because you are special! I admire you very much! With love Elaine
2:35am 02-06-2018
A Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2018! Best wishes and a very good birthday-day. ANJA
4:51pm 02-05-2018
Karen Anspach
Happy birthday! Best wishes for a wonderful day with good friends and great wine - and a rewarding year. You deserve it!
Love Karen A.
5:16pm 02-03-2018
I was happy to see you again on stage in London!
Happy Birthday!
2:06pm 02-03-2018
Have a great day on your Birthday Ciaran, it was good to see you in The Girl from the North Country, What a Wonderful Play and brilliant cast, congratulations on your performance. Enjoy Friday the 9th Best wishes from
8:05pm 02-02-2018
Happy Birthday Mr H! Have an amazing day and thank you for sending me your autograph! I framed it and I keep it in a very special place in my home. Greetings from Ecuador!!
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